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A Sweet Return to Anguilla, Pt. 2: And So We Meat Again

The next morning was the Happiest Day of the Year. No, not the day the kids go back to school -- the day we go to Ferryboat Inn for cheeseburgers.


In order to give such a momentous occasion its due, I have begun petitioning the Government of Anguilla to do away with Whit Monday, which celebrates the descent of the Holy Ghost upon the disciples of Jesus, and replace it with FBI Monday, which would celebrate the descent of hungry hordes upon Marjorie and Christian. Obviously it could be celebrated on any day of your choosing, except on Sundays when FBI is closed.


Regular readers of this blog know that my love affair with the FBI cheeseburger is a long and passionate one, as I've spent many years swooning over its meaty magnificence both here and in numerous online forums. But for the newbies among us, I thought a little "how-to" guide for celebrating FBI Monday (as it shall henceforth be known) might come in handy.


1. Prepare Accordingly

This one should be obvious: Do not plan to eat for two or three days prior to your visit. Getting too full to finish your burger is widely regarded as the second-worst possible outcome on FBI Monday. (The first would be waking up dead.) Tips for avoiding other unfavorable outcomes are described in sections 2 and 3 below.


2. Plan a Diversion

The delightful and charming owners of Ferryboat Inn, Marjorie and her son Christian, have an equally delightful and charming dog named Angie. She also happens to be quite clever, because instead of begging at your table while you eat your burger, she simply hangs around nonchalantly near the steps and does this:



It's almost impossible to say no to that face, but it's even harder to live with the guilt and regret of not hoarding every bite of that burger for yourself while you had the chance. I therefore recommend that you plan a diversion to keep Angie busy until you've finished eating.






3. Take Extra Precautions

Obviously falling into a deep well or an open manhole is never exactly desirable, but falling into a deep well or open manhole on FBI Monday would be an absolute @#$%*& nightmare. Look alive, people!


4. Dress Appropriately

As for clothing, you'll want to wear dark colors to avoid any potential grease, cheese, and/or drool stains, as well as something extra-forgiving to avoid public ridicule. (If you can arrange to spend the rest of the day in your pajamas, all the better.) Afterwards, under no circumstances should you consent to be seen in the nude by anyone other than your spouse, and even that is iffy unless his or her eyesight is as bad as Angel's.



Appropriate footwear is also recommended.



5. Patience is a Virtue

Most restaurants in Anguilla operate on island time, and Ferryboat is no exception. Luckily FBI has the island's best rum punches to keep you occupied while you wait patiently for your burger to arrive, along with a fantastic French onion soup to grease the skids.





6. Assume the Position

Chances are good that once you start in on that burger, your dining companion, and possibly even other patrons, may start to get some ideas. It is therefore advisable to look as threatening as possible to avoid beggars, thieves, and those dreaded food-sharers who needle you for "just a bite" until the whole damn thing is gone. Not that I would ever do that, of course.


In the event that you do not look tough enough to ward off the aforementioned cast of unsavory characters, sharp elbows will have to suffice.


If, however, your bony elbows do not double as miniature harpoons the way mine do, a bodyguard may be necessary. If he happens to have a distracting set of dimples, consider it a bonus.


7. Rebuff All Attempts at Interruption

Attempting to engage someone in conversation while they are eating a Ferryboat Inn cheeseburger is like calling the biggest football fan you know during the final minutes of a tied Super Bowl while his team is on the one-yard line: You just don't do it. Emergencies are no exception, though apologies may be offered: "I'm very sorry that alligator just amputated your foot; we can work on a tourniquet as soon as I'm done with this cheeseburger."



Depending on your priorities, this advice also applies to consumption of rum punches.



8. Safety First

A burger this good is bound to get messy (see #4, above). Extra protection, including safety goggles, beekeeper suits, and shower caps are recommended, but not required.




9. Postpone the Inevitable

They cut pizzas into slices for a reason -- so people like me don't eat the whole thing in three bites. Consider applying this same logic to your burger to prolong your eating enjoyment.



10. Declare Victory

Did you finish your burger without (1) ending up covered in a large Anguilla-shaped grease stain, (2) grudgingly sharing half of it with a sad-eyed dog, (3) stabbing your spouse in the hand with a fork, or (4) being hauled off by ambulance to the nearest cardiology center? Then congratulations, you've successfully celebrated Anguilla's newest holiday, FBI Monday!







Even Angie was happy. Look at that smile!


Having snatched victory from the jaws of Angie Angel defeat, we hung around for a bit to chat with Marjorie and Christian and our sweet waitress Rhona, which provided the perfect excuse to have another rum punch.







Or two.




Although conventional wisdom states that you should never go swimming after a large meal, I find that the benefits of submerging myself in water after FBI Monday are twofold: I am able to feel somewhat weightless (or at least as weightless as one can feel after consuming the equivalent of a week's worth of beef), and the general public is spared the terrifying sight of a 100-lb. woman who looks like she swallowed a hippopotamus.








It had been a busy day at FBI -- you know how hectic the holidays can be -- so we decided to pick up dinner instead of going out. And so we set off for B&D BBQ for, well, more meat.




We couldn't decide between the ribs and the chicken, so we ordered both, which come with rice 'n' peas, coleslaw, French fries, an enormous, pillowy Johnny cake, and a fight with your spouse over who gets the last rib.








After all that, there was only one thing left to do.


How else to cure a case of the meat sweats?

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Hilarious! At what point do you think you will need therapy for you cheeseburger obsession? First the pyjamas, now the flip flops and a "tattoo." You'll be changing your name to Tracey Cheeseburger next!
So good to read - keep em coming!

by Jan Clydesdale

You are amazing!! More....more....

by mary oman

Great write up of two of the best meals on Anguilla! Which goes to show, delicious does NOT need to be fancy-pants.

by David Lee

Tracey - this is a wonderful blog! We were at the Ferryboat Inn the day you took these pictures. Our group is in the background of these great shots. I was at the bar drinking a rum punch when you took the picture wearing the snorkel goggles. We loved Ferryboat Inn, Marjorie and Christian. We will see them again in summer 2017.

by Betty Bader

I'm forever sold on the idea of FBI Mondays. They are delicious! Keep em coming!

by Toni

What a beautiful write up. I have known Marj for 30 years. The kids when they were little. We have seen them grow up. Love love all of them and a wonderful post!!!! One of our favorite families and restaurant. Spent Old Years Night there!! It was wonderful and looks great with the updating!!!!

by Jeanne

I'm vegan now... But I must admit you are a fun writer and I get it!

by Lisa

Grrrreat blog about two of my fave places on Anguilla! Lovely pics, too...thank you!

by Elizabeth westcott

Tracey - I just loved this post, it made me smile all the way through, your writing does that, it is so entertaining and fun.
Loved seeing Marjorie, Christian and Rhona all looking so well, such a great bunch of folks.
Thanks for posting and the great pictures.

by EllenLV

What a great blog, you did a delightful photo montage and set a great mood. Names by photos would be a plus. Be well!!!

by Rick Vandervoort

Theirs are "De best" rum punches on island. . .???

by Susan Levings

Two visits to Anguilla and we have yet to visit FBI which is unthinkable considering my partner Kirk loves a good burger! Last time we visited Anguilla we did have a hard time getting a well done burger, no pink in the ground beef thank you. This may be the solution!

by Denise Morine

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